Just a call is enough <3

Tired of crying out my heart, when it was two past twelve, I called him to brag about what a piece of shit I felt like. The crying and complaining stopped just after a minute or two he opened his mouth and let his words flow. Soon the tears of sadness were transformed into tears of hapiness and I was again the happy person who knows no worries. It’s true to say that “No distance can tear two humans apart, if their hearts are close enough!“.

It’s so lovely to talk into the night; the conversations are so pure, the sky is as beautiful as it can be, the cool breeze makes your hair flow, the moon light, touching your skin and locks of hair ,making them glow like silver. We lost all sense of time and surroundings, when suddenly, the call got disconnected cause my phone died. I was shocked as I glanced at the clock, it has been two freaking hours! I still had a lot to say and it felt like I’ve just began to talk. I was laying on my bed with my eyes wide open, wishing that he was living in the same city as mine. I don’t even remember when I dozed off to sleep.

If I’m not wrong to assume, then you might have already drawn the assumption then that ‘he’ is my lover, but my dear friend, he is much more than just a lover. HE IS MY BEST FRIEND! The one, who unfortunately or fortunately, has to listen to all the stupid stuff that happens. From gossiping about my crushes to complaining about ‘Why was I born as a girl?’ to god knows what not?! He knows about everything, and by everything I mean EVERYTHING!!! I’m so thankful to always have him to listen to me. He has been by my side when I had my first heart-break and when I had the worst moments of my life to the one’s when I felt the most fortunate! Honestly, I don’t even know where this post is going now. And why have I even been ‘talking’ for so long? If anybody was reading this, they’ve probably died from boredom.
Anyway, on that note, this is the end of my post. Until next time take care!

Catch you later!😊
-Khushi aka herfinesmile 🙂


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