“What do you see when you look at the night sky?” he asked.

“Hope” she said, was all she could find in that dark hollow space with the twinkling stars. “The hope that some one would notice the tearing heart inside of me. The heart which was broken into pieces when the person I thought I loved the most left me. The thought of being alone was scary enough because I had absolutely no friends then. The thought that no one would pick me up when I cry in the corridor full of people. Because I feel like even if I die, no body would even notice.”

A tear rolled down his eye as he saw her smiling even when she was hurting inside. Seeing the pale skin of her and how the sparkling eyes were now full of dark hollowness, made his heart ache as someone pricked it with hundreds of needles. His heart felt heavy, heavy like an elephant was kept on it. He felt his shoulder dropping and his head hurt with a sharp pain.
She rubbed his cheeks, gently wiping off his tears, wrapping his hands in her own, looking straight into his eyes, smiling. Her smile was not the same anymore, her eyes didn’t glow like it used to before. He closed his eyes and turned his head away, as he couldn’t see her corpse like face. He could feel the breaking heart behind the contrived factitious smile.

The connection between them was so strong and pure, that he burst into tears as he realized what she was going through.
Do anyone cry for someone else’s sorrow? If they do, then does it gets any better for any of them?
I may not know the answers to the above questions, but I do know that all the pain and sorrow will fade away. Even though we won’t forget it all, as it would always occupy that small corner in our hearts, but then it won’t hurt us as much it does right now.
People may come and go, they would even break your heart, and make you feel less worthy of the love you actually deserve, but that should not stop you from exploring. Because when we get into trouble, that’s when we learn how to get out if it and discover mysteries trapped inside this body.
Until you find out the ones who are meant to be with you in your journey, LIVE. Live for the nights when you would be sitting on the highway, eating candies and chocolates like we used to have when we didn’t realized that there was another world which was so mean and cruel. Live for the unplanned roadtrips, where you travel wearing the same T-shirt for the entire trip. Love the people around you, make a sketch of the person you admire, even if you are as bad as I am at sketching; try cooking breakfast for yourself and going out for that good cup of coffee, when it’s 4 in the morning. Try new things, weird things, the craziest ones. Dance in the rain like a peacock or even play in the mud.

And if you ever feel like giving up or slitting your wrist apart, talk. Talk to your mom or dad or a friend or even me. I know talking about it won’t actually solve the problems but we can try, can’t we?
Never stop trying, okay?
You may tell me that I can never understand the pain you’re going through, but trust me, giving up is definitely not the way either. You are strong and you have galaxies inside of you, don’t let a black hole consume you.

P.S. if you wanna talk to someone about anything, then I can be that someone. Just ping me a mail and I’ll be here for you. Waiting for you to smile as twice as hard when you were a kid.
Catch you later!


-Khushi aka herfinesmile

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