The battle I lost…

“As I opened my eyes, I found myself lying naked on a terrace. I wanted something to cover my body, to hide my flaws and the extra fat I have. The tears were falling down from my eyes, leaving my cheeks wet. My hairs were soaked and water was still dripping from the ends, making the few drops on my bare back to run down. I could feel a sharp knife like pain constantly in my heart. My cold feet felt paralyzed and as stiff as a wooden log.
I felt some one staring right at me, which made me want to hide. My arms curled up and hugged my own body, with my paralyzed legs to stick even closer to my chest. The man stared at me with a smile on his beast like face. I wanted to stand up, pop his eye balls out of the sockets and see him beg for mercy, but I could not even stare right into his ferocious eyes. I wanted to scream, scream at him for eye raping me. But not even a single word was uttered. A leather hunter hung from his right hand while his left hand rolled it up. He stood there, at the same spot, for a long time period, smiling and staring.
Something inside me was breaking, and it made me even more scared. I was scared to the point where I was digging my nails deeper into my own skin and grinding my teeth with complete force. The tears then stopped flowing and the man sat down, right in front of me. He bent and came close to my face, close enough to feel my breath. He stared right into my eyes, and I did the same back. I wanted to push him away and to twist a knife a hundred times in his chest, but something hit me before I could think of doing anything.
My worn out body lay right there on the floor, all soaked in my sweat. I felt like a lifeless plastic toy thrown away and left to be crushed. The world went black and hollowness filled in. The pain vanished along with my sight and I kept laying there, filled with nothingness. My body which already lost the battle physically, now the emotional strength too, lost in the darkness.”

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