The Art Of Crinkles <3

“Silver locks shining in the moon light, eyes twinkling like the stars in the sky, lips curled up in a smile which compliments the crinkled face, cheeks adorned with flowing lines all over. The wrinkles wrote poetry all over the bare body, submerging every inch in it’s depth. Lushed lips, still plum as in the teenage.
The necklace hung from the neck, enhancing the collar bones. My sweater made her look like a fur ball, and the pair of the same old pants hugged her legs effortlessly. The hot coffee mug sat beside the loose pages filled with words, inscribed just for her.
The smile grew bigger, shutting the sparkling eyes as the cool breeze kissed her face. The folds of skin made her look like art, which was meant to be cherished for life and after. The crinkled face turned bright as the radio played our favorite song. Her skinny hands grabbed my waist as she rushed towards me. Our weak bones cannot stop the kid in our hearts from moving with the beats. The song ended, with her head laying peacefully on my chest and feets tracing the same steps. Our lips murmured the same words again,”We made it to the end, together!”, and the smile followed on its own. Hand in hand, sharing the same blanket, counting stars, we lay on the terrace, again.”
-Khushi aka herfinesmile

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