My Valentine 🌸

“Growing up as a teenager in the 21st century is not the same as it was before. Everything has changed with the passing time, even the ways of living and loving. We have met people who made us feel the most alive to the one’s who made us jealous and even feel bad about ourselves. Unfortunately or, I may say fortunately, most of them are not a part of our lives anymore. A few humans who have remained constant in this equation of life are our creators, mom and dad.
Fights, cries, arguments, which ended with tears of happiness, are what I experienced with my mom. Even after disagreeing on a number of things, she remains the most treasured person in my life. People bitch about and judge people with their “friends” but I bitch about others with my mom. No matter what thing it is, she’s the one who would understand what’s the reason behind my uncomfort; sometimes she won’t even ask me what it is and just smile at me, and that god damned smile would make me pour out everything in front of her.

I remember how she went bonkers, when I fainted in the school. Being a shy dancer, she still danced when my board results came out. The number of nights she layed awake with me when I kept up studying for my exams. The days she spent crying and worried about my health.
She’s not the kind of mother, we all have read about in books and saw in movies; she’s the one who would call you ‘BC’ and laugh at you when you slip your feet. She’s the one who would call me ‘an alien’, even though I resemble her face. She’s the one who would tease you for an entire hour if you fart out loud.

She’s the one who would always remain in my heart and connected to my soul. And I know that she’ll be my umbrella when the clouds of sorrow would spread across my sky. The 26 alphabets are not enough to describe what she means to me, because if I limit it to a fixed scale, that would be a disgrace to her.”

P. S. I love being a photographer for her, even if I suck at clicking pictures.

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