For the last time…

“Everyone out there was meeting friends and having parties together, where as, I was spending time with my mom, sitting in the park, at 5 in the morning, talking about nothing else but life. I guess these are the little things that matter the most, don’t they?
A year later, we’d be studying for the “life threatening” exams and all this fun would be missed when we finally get the result sheet in our hands. Goodbyes would be bid and promises would be made to see everyone at least once a year, taking out time from the “busy” schedules we’ll be having. Life would change us for the good and paths would be choosen for our lives.
What’s going to make us smile, when we sit in the cafeteria with our new friends, are the memories made with the people, we spent our childhood with. The people with whom we lost our innocence and faced problems, which felt the toughest at times.
We would grow up, become an adult, with a glass of wine in our hands instead of the orange juice, crinkles on our face in place of acne. When 5am would not be the hour for getting ready for school, but for rushing to work. Family dinners would turn into Skype dinners and mom’s handmade food would just remain as recipes until we go back home.
Things would change, we would grow up, some people would be forgotten, but some would forever hold that little corner in our hearts. So cherish the little moments and stop over thinking about impossible events. Maybe go out for a walk with your mom or dad or both, draw your heart out, sing songs even if your voice is as weird as mine, cook, read, write, dance, and explore. Explore life with the people you love, because no-one knows when’s the last time you’re seeing them.”
-Khushi aka herfinesmile

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