The Joyride To Tranquility…

“Locking my fist with her’s, we started walking with our feets moving in sync, messed up hairs tied up in a bun which could come off any time and let the brown silky locks extend to our backs. Sharing ear cords and moving on the beat, sometimes fast and sometimes slow. I had no idea where we were heading to but then her feets froze,not in shock but as if she found something which has been lost, forever.
She searched for something, I asked her but instead of replying back she threw a key in my hands. And the look on my face conveyed the amazement at the very moment. Her excitement could not contain in her imperfectly perfect body and she jumped up and ran towards the black car, spreading her arms just like a human airplane. The sparkle in her eyes shined brighter than the twinkling stars.
Snatching the key from my hands, she jumped inside the car and pushed the door open for me to sit inside, as she ignited the car engine and pushed the accelerator paddle before I could even ask what’s up with everything. The radio was turned up to the loudest volume and the expression on her face told me to stay shut.
Rolling my eyes, I pushed myself in the seat, laid my legs on the dashboard and softly punched her left arm with my right fist. The street lights racing against the whirling wheels on the smooth road spreading till the end of your sight. My head tilted on the window, staring at the golden moon with the lake water beneath, twinkling like the stars above our heads.
The radio was bursting with the golden old songs of the time when we were 7, and it made me even happier when the lyrics to the song escaped from our mouths and we sung in our unmelodious voices, till the song ended. A laughter spill out of our mouths, full of not so-perfect teeth and we laughed our hearts, till a tear rolled down and went on running on my cheek till it touched my collar bone, making the corner of my t-shirt damp. The fresh cool air felt so soothing when it hit my face with ease , letting the hairs wrapped around my head to flow with the wind.
Suddenly, the spinning tires came to rest and she swift out, signaling me to follow her lead. The seculded highway felt safer than the city full of human-chameleons. The realization of true contentment was felt in the little buzzing sound of insects and the breeze kissing the bare skin, under the sky full of pearl like stars. I cannot think of any adjectives to express how perfectly the Moon glittered brightly in the dark-deep hollowness of the sky. The smell of freshly chopped leaves, due to the strong wind which must have stormed before our four-wheeler arrived, was soothing and delightful to the soul and the heart.
Rocking herself, sitting beside me, she stopped. Spreading her arms, like a bird spreads it’s wings, ready to fly, to explore the beauty of nature. She stood up, with the moon shining on her nose and cheeks, highlighting her true self. Her lips curled up in a smile, as she let her hand down to pick me up.
Crawling on the hood of the car, to reach the roof, she asked me to follow her. She laid on the top with her eyes flooding with emotions, and I laid beside her, to admire the pearls studded in the sky. We drew our imaginations on the black canvas, connecting the dots, and complaining on how things have ended up, and laid there, with the wind flowing and silence filling the surrounding. Soon, she slid down the bonnet and pulled out a guitar from the trunk, with two glasses in other hand, and a packet of chips. She tilted her head a little bit to the right, with an apologizing smile on her face, as she forgot whatever drink she wanted. The straight face, which was hard to put on, broke into a burst of laughter. She climbed up again, and we sat in front of the moon, folding our legs and emptying the chips in the glasses, and her hands on the guitar. Her skinny fingers touched the strings and played our favorite song, as the lyrics escaped her mouth and I sang with her.

The Moon shining, the stars twinkling, the smiles singing, the wind blowing, the smell of leaves, the sound of the guitar, and the emotions felt at the very moment. We sang and the Moon smiled, a tear rolled down from the sky, the trees dancing on our tune, and the thunder singing with us. The rain poured, and the guitar laid in the front seat, and I sat smiling on the roof, sharing tears of happiness with the sky, as we both have beauties common in our lives. He has the Moon and me, I have this human being, who shines bright to show the right path, when everything is the darkest.”
-Khushi aka herfinesmile 🌸

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