Tears of the Gray…

“The wind blew stronger than the drops hitting hard against the surface of the pale human dragging her body on the road. Trees along the path being traced by the human feet were dancing along the air touching every baby leaf, with people running around to take shelter from the pouring rain and roaring vehicles covering roads. The plastic covers being pulled out in front of the shops and the wenders rushing under a roof to protect the products to be sold. Dark blackish-grey clouds consumed the little white sky and the drops fell on everything around. Thunder screamed at all the happy faces enjoying and dancing along the trees. Wet, hasty leaves roved with the blowing breeze, hitting faces of people and cars.

Rain drops kept slipping on the face and dark under eye bags. The messed up brown silky hair was soaked up in the tears cried by the grey sky. Flaky lips and the teared corner of the mouth made no movement. The hearing ability became unresponsive among ruminations, which were louder than the horns of the rolling wheels of the vehicles and thunder of the sky. The red scar on the back of the neck was burning because of the water touching it. The shoulders hung lose on the body frame along with the scars, covering the arms which have been grazed by the metal blades used for shaving ‘unpleasant’ body hair. The scraped finger skin and chewed nails were dripping wet. The lungs kept on working out, the good air in and the bad air out, yet it was hard to breathe. The thoughts were grasping the wind pipe, but the lungs pushed and pushed, as they gave their best to keep the broken one together. Thick thighs touched, with each step taken. Feet bled as they cut through the despotic stones, but no pain was felt as the body of the tired female was confined to feel nothing.

But the pain, it demands to be felt. So it fought, fought so hard that it eventually broke the restrictions of the numb body. The escape led my body to fell on the ground, with the wind and rain droplets slapping against the skin. The corpse kept laying between the roaring engines and toiling worksmen.

Seconds, minutes, hours. Of course, the clock doesn’t stops ticking, whether it’s a dead flower which detaches off the stem, or a human breathe which detaches off it’s lungs, it keeps going on and on and on. The wide sky stopped crying, exhausted of letting the tears out and tired of screeching. It was time that it brought back the happiness out again.
The light filled the entire atmosphere, as the sun spread it’s warmth. The rainbow came up, playing hide and seek with the tall buildings. Trees were now standing tall, with the little leaves cheering up. The mud kept on being muddy, the vehicles kept on moving, the air kept on flowing, the people kept on ignoring. The rays touched every thing which came in it’s way, and brought life back to them. But the pale corpse layed unchanged, with the cells already dead and with the heart which had already given up.”

P. S. I’m always here if you wanna talk about anything.
-Khushi aka herfinesmile

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