The Thorny Human

“Shoving out stones; some big and some small; out of the dark, deep, dirty pit; willing not to hurt the one little cactus growing in the corner. Pushing hard to suck the moisture from the soil, the cactus grew the thorns. The baby succulent worked hard in the bright but prickly sunlight, to consume the very last drop of water from the earth.

1 year, 52 weeks, 365 days. Time passed; waited for none. Bigger stones, some smaller ones, dropped in the pit. Almost crushing the cactus, even breaking the thorns grown out to avoid the predators to hunt it down. But the succulent grew against everything, and had a pinkish-red flower bloom on it’s crown; defeating the barriers in it’s growth.

Isn’t that’s what we, humans are supposed to be doing? The cactus should be us, growing out flowers of success even after being pushed down by the stone like problems. Because no matter what the size of the stone is in the pit of life , every small and big stone has a way of being destroyed. The time waits for none, sometimes it may heal the thorns like walls built up to avoid everything. But remember to suck up the lessons from the pit, as life has a lot to teach us. Use the negativity thrown at us, like the prickly sunlight, to grow flowers. Because there are many who would hunt you down for their own good. Steal the moisture before they can, and grow, bigger, stronger, beautiful.”

-Khushi aka herfinesmile

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