“The efforts and time invested were all crushed and thrown away like a sheet of paper gets crumpled up and put in a garbage bin. Blames were stamped on the envelope of my body. The make up painted on the flawsome face washed away when the tears trailed down, from the eyes which were full of hope and dreams. Eye contact which once gave goosebumps, was just a deadly stare. And the heart which was flooding with love and magic, went numb now. The butterflies, or the little zoo in the stomach when our eyes met, converted in to a graveyard. Words couldn’t break through the cage of ideas, which were once woven by the optimistic future plans. You put your hand on my skinny shoulder, and pulled me into your arms. Grabbing a knife from your pocket, you cut through my back till my heart shattered down with the flowing blood. You pushed me away and said sorry, which was followed with a smirk on your face. An hour ago, it would have made me cry with joy and kiss your lips, but now it just made my eyes burn. The poisonous promises filled all the four chambers of my beating heart. You wove your left hand’s long slender fingers with mine, brushed my wet cheek with the other, promising to never hurt me again. But the damage was done, and so I let myself take a flight away from the blinding optimism you tried pouring in the innocence of my mind. Washing off the tears cried for you, chopping off the expectations I attached to you, and finally, accepting the flawsomeness of the storm trapped under my skin. Because now, instead of being afraid, I would go to distances and become something to be feared.”

-Khushi aka herfinesmile

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