Know Me Better<3

Hey people! I’m Khushi. I’m a teenager from India, and I’m basically dealing wih some weird problems just like any other teen faces. Getting in troubling  is much more like a hobby for me right now. I just started this blog out of boredom and I’ve started to like it now. I don’t have any particular day when I post and post whenever I feel like to. It’s not really a lifestyle blog but a personal one, where I share my experiences and views.

Before you start reading my blog and before I start narrating it all, I would like to take a minute to thank you for giving in your precious time to read my work. In the world, which is full of people who are talking about something or the other on the social networking sites you decided to come up here to read my blog which is very praiseworthy. You could have been eating a sandwhich with your friend in a near by cafe or may have watched a movie, but instead you are putting in effort to be here.

Have a look around my blog and I hope you enjoy my no theme blog. 🙂
I hope we stay connected!


-Khushi aka herfinesmile

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