"The efforts and time invested were all crushed and thrown away like a sheet of paper gets crumpled up and put in a garbage bin. Blames were stamped on the envelope of my body. The make up painted on the flawsome face washed away when the tears trailed down, from the eyes which were full... Continue Reading →

Free your soul… 

You don't think about "seeing the positive side" or "reaching out for help", when the thought of slitting your wrist comes in mind. The feeling makes you want to drown in your own blood and just lose your own breath. No longer does it matter that how many people love or care about you, because... Continue Reading →

She’s starving herself!

Lying on her bed with her eyes shut, she was wondering what it would be like to be as hot as the Instagram models. She rolled off her bed and looked at her own reflection in the mirror, touching herself and hating her body for not being skinny. She started to harm her body because... Continue Reading →

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